Things to Do in the Gemfields

For a short stay, visiting the many fossicking parks and walk-in mines in Sapphire and Rubyvale are ideal for providing fun and enjoyment, and learning how to find gemstones. Miners supply buckets of Sapphire-bearing wash for a fee, and you learn to how to recognise and find Sapphires by sieving and sorting the gravel wash.

For a longer stay or for the more adventurous, fossicking is allowed on large areas of Sapphire bearing ground.  In 1986 the government set aside these designated fossicking areas for recreational and tourist fossicking. A licence with maps and information must be purchased for a small fee, outlining the designated fossicking areas.

Specking (searching for sapphires on the surface) is very popular and can be very rewarding especially after rain.  The main method of fossicking is by digging the sapphire bearing gravel, which can be easy or hard depending on your philosophy of life. A variety of tools is allowed to help in your search for Sapphire, but all must be hand driven (no motors). The gravel is screened, washed and separated using sieves.  Picks, shovels, sieves and tweezers are necessities, and can be hired locally.

There are Gem shops, galleries, and jewellers in both Sapphire and Rubyvale for you to purchase the Gem of your dreams.  If you are lucky enough to find your own, there are Gem cutters available to facet and jewellers to set them into a valuable family heirloom that will be treasured forever.

Admire the extensive wildlife and abundance of historical and unusual dwellings created from boulders, timber and corrugated iron.  Just like the original miners and pioneers, it is definitely worth seeing.

Restaurants, cafes and hotels cater for an evening of eating out in pleasant surroundings.  Fuel, food and take-away, permits, maps & equipment hire are also available.

We even have our very own Buckingham Palace

And a sense of humour

The Sapphire fields is a very laid back, peaceful place where the friendly locals will always extend a warm hand of Welcome.

"There are no strangers in Sapphire, just friends you've yet to meet."

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